Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1 - Page 99

Geocaches can be as small as a microchip, or as large as an ammo box, and are hidden anywhere – from a faux bolt in a city park bench to under an old log on a biking trail. The great part is that there is no treasure map needed! All you have to do is enter the coordinates you get from a source such as (they offer one for free) onto a GPS device or GPS enabled smart phone, and voila! The game is afoot! Odds are, once is all it will take for you to be hooked, and off you go onto your next hunt. Ok, so you have decided that geocaching is a pretty cool family activity, and now you are worried that \H۸&]H[YX\\\܈[H[۸&]KHYH]ZXX\وH]HZ[HY]\و^HYK[[X[˘H[ LLX\Y[[^H\XK[ۙHHH[H[[]H[[^HY\ۈ[Z[H][[]ZXH\[H[ۈ؜\[ۈH\HX\\H[[B[X\[ܙO\H\HH]X]\][[\[[\[X[]Y\[ۜ΂[H[[\8'X\8'H\HHX\\H\Y[[\[ˈ[ܙ[]\[][H][H]Y] ][Y[X\X\[H[[YYY][]Z\[\ۛY[ [HX^H]H\Y[KۘH[H]HHXK[]\ [YH[HHY]][H[Xܙ[\[[\\X\ٝ[۝Z[8'X\\\˸'H\H[H[][]HXHۙ\܈[܈Y\]HY܈^[Y ^\[[YK]\H[Z]YH\^Z[\^HZ[[])˙[X[˘B˙QX\XKܙˑ[Y\˛ܙ˝\XX[˘B˛]XXKB\X[H[][][][YHHXH[HHX\\KY[YHZH]]\^H[H[ \H\H\XH]]Y][و\]X[܈ܙX]\[YK[] ^HY[\[X[BL‚