Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1 - Page 98

Geocaching A Treasure Chest of Family Fun! By Stacy Haverfield Amos Think treasure hunting is just for pirates? Think again! Welcome to the wonderful world of Geocaching, where the treasures are really out there, just waiting to be found. Geocaching ranks right up at the top of the list for ultimate family adventures for a number of reasons. To begin with, everyone in the family can get involved, young and old. You can even bring the dog in on the hunt if you would like! Did You Know? The very first cache was hidden in Oregon by Dave Ulmer, in Treasure hunting gets you up and May of 2000. According to moving outdoors, which is great for, there are all of us. And because you plan your now a whopping own hunt, it can be as urban or ...what exactly is 2,013,244 active as back-country geocaches and as you want to get. That way, over 5 million if there is a member of your group geocachers (treasure hunters that has special needs, it’s super easy to hunt within their comfort worldwide! With that many zone. Best of all, if you have a smart hidden treasures, chances are phone, you can download a free GPS application to get you started! you have been within 50 feet Great, you say… But what exactly is of a hidden cache and never geocaching? even knew it! geocaching? 12