Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1 - Page 39

H e a v e n h i l l Gues thou s e By Shelbie Miller It may have taken ten years for me to achieve my dream but looking back the wait was worth every second. It was 2002 and I had six months left of my senior year in high school. My mother and I pulled up in front of a little sad house on Bridge Street in Granbury Texas. “Why would you want to buy this house?” I asked.. “It backs up to the mall, I think it will be a great investment.” My mother chirps. All was true, my mother owned Witherspoon’s Antique Mall which was located on the main drag that went through town. Nothing fazed me at the moment since it was nothing new for my parents to buy and sell property. I didn’t know at that moment that my life would change forever. The months drifted by as my mom and I peeled off the layers of this old house. We took off the overbearing porch and the asbestos siding to reveal a timeworn wood framed home with cypress siding underneath. We found trinkets inside the walls and marbles galore in the yard. My mother and I were talking one day about exposing the rafters in part of the house. She asked if I would climb up the ladder and look up in the attic to see what I thought. As I did, I noticed some writing on the beadboard ceiling. “There’s writing on here…did you know that?” I asked. “No, what does it say?” With scrolling script and written in pencil, the board read: Josephine Heavenhill + Little Louise Miller Stole a Kiss While Studying with Edna - Cross of the Heart Jan. 1 1897 39