Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1 - Page 33

A n A labama V i neyard By Becca Horne Where do you get the idea for your wines? We are artisanal in crafting our wines so they will vary from year to year. The idea for the wine itself is traditional, but with a Southern flair. When we build our wines, we keep in mind that we are in the South and our products have to have a charm about them. We use Hungarian oak because Jules’ father immigrated from that country and we feel the wine needs to have a foundation from where he came. The names of some of the wines come from happenings at the winery or vineyard. Black Widow because she, the spider, lurks in the red grapes during harvest. Lady in Red … they are everywhere and because she is a beautiful bug, we call her “a lady.” Bullfrog … we didn’t have a name for this sweet lemon wine until our pitbull fished a huge bullfrog out of our pond and brought it to us. His playfulness with the bullfrog made a wonderful memory and thus the name of the wine. 33