Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1 - Page 20

O f f ic e FAC E- L I F T B efore ! B eth Bryan, like most bloggers, has transformed each room in her home, one room at time with creative ideas and DIY projects. Beth’s home office sat untouched until last year when it was put on top of her projects to-do list. “The room was this big, giant, vanilla room that was so boring and blah”, says Beth. She began the transformation by painting large stripes on the walls. Goals for the office were to shop from her own home and use pieces she already owned, buying as few new items as possible and to make it a room all her own. Beth wanted to use lots of family and personal mementos to fill the space. She did just that and having her collections surround her while she works makes for a happy, happy Beth. 7. One of the few things actually purchased for the office was the pretty chair. 8. Behind the project desk hangs an older Pier One piece being used as pretty storage for things like paint brushes and scissors. The floor lamp is from the fisherman’s lighting line from Cabela’s. 20