Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1 - Page 106

Forget the Tree House! BUILD YOUR KIDS A HOBBIT HOUSE T By Stacy Haverfield Amos ree houses are so 2012… All the cool parents know that what kids really want is a Hobbit Hole Playhouse! Ok, so you don’t have to have one as elaborate as Bilbo Baggins, but the project is really easier than you might expect. fit right into a little nature niche. If you don’t have “Bob the Builder” genes then do not despair. There are several companies that sell readymade Hobbit Holes for your little one to enjoy, and even some that will build on site for you. Wooden Wonders out of Maine has several cute designs, and they even deliver! You can find more about them on Etsy, Pinterest or FaceBook, or even on their website at The hardest part to getting started on your new Hobbit Hole playhouse is deciding on your design. Do you want it on top of the ground, underground or a mixture of the two? Do you have a love for the Old World look, or do you prefer more modern touches? The sky is the limit to your design, or perhaps in this case, Middle Earth! When it is done, however, just remember: you built it for the kiddos! You may find the new abode so enchanting that you spend more time in it than they do. Many examples can be found on the internet on how to build your own Hobbit Hole. They range from using a requiring just a few hours of work, all the way to a full blown construction site. If you want your play house partially underground, then they pretty much all require the use of a backhoe or Ditch Witch of some kind, unless you don’t mind moving all that dirt by hand! You can also build your Hobbit House above ground, and with a little creative landscaping, can make it 20