Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1 - Page 101

by Christen Bane A Few Ways to Save T ake it Slow with T oys: My 1st child didn’t care for half of the toys she had. She hated her tummy time mat, and wouldn’t stay in her bouncy chair for more than a few minutes at a time. Had I waited to buy those items until she was born, and knew she couldn’t stand tummy time until she was crawling, I could’ve saved $40+ on colorful mat! With my 2nd baby I have been using my (1) savings account to buy as we go. He is three months now and I know he will LOVE a jumperoo. A recent project was to find a decent one on for when he is ready for it. Breastfeeding: Sure it’s time consuming, but if you are able to breastfeed the benefits are worth the time. You, your baby, AND your budget benefit! Think about it…two eat for the price of one! A typical can of formula costs $15-20 and if you choose the specialty formula… Let us just say that baby can drink a $100+ plus in a month. If you work, buy either a battery pump or a hand pump for on the go needs. Personally, I love my Avent hand pump. They are around $25-$30 on Try to pump the same schedule your baby eats. If you don’t think you can take the time to pump every bottle away from your baby, supplement a few a day and breast feed when you are with your baby. Most moms’ bodies adjust and produce milk to the baby’s feeding habits. Maternity Clothes: Considering the fact you may only need these four months a few times in your life, you may not need to go ALL out. Depending on the season, find a good pair of black capris or p ̸ȁ͕ٕ́Ʌѽ́Ѽ൸эݥȸQձݔɔ͕͡ͽᤁɕ̸͕AəЁȁɔѕȁٕ́䁉ՑЁɥ() ȁM=ɕԁeЁ݅ЁѼЁ́ѡȁ͕и)Q䁅ɔ݅́ɽ٥-͕ɵѕɕ̸1]eLɕѕȁݥѠѡ䀡ѡɔ́ɕɅѥɐѡIѕɥȁɽՍЁݥ܁ѡѼѥԁɕѱ䁽䁍ɕЁɕ́ȁɽՍи Ё䁥́ѥЁЁٕȁ́Ѽѡͥɕȁ͕Ё I䁅ЁéѽɔMЁЁȁԸ((((0