South magazine [82] HEALTH & WELLNESS 2019 - Page 61

especially for someone in show business, where the slightest bit of pudge is unforgivable. On the contrary. Getting away from the sedentary lifestyle has actually helped the couple stay trim. “Oh my gosh, we gained so much weight living out in Okatie,” said Laura with a laugh, citing favorite restaurants like Mi Tierrita and Sunset Pizza as two blameless culprits. For Tom, staying in shape isn’t just about looking good. Sometimes, it’s about keeping pace with a film schedule that can tax the body as hard as it does the acting chops. “I did this movie, ‘Allagash’ up in Maine. It’s a survival story… it was tough physically because you’d have snow up to your knees and you’d be filming on the side of a mountain,” he said. To prepare for the role, Berenger stepped up his fitness regimen by training three times a day for five weeks at the local gym. “Plus a lot of stretching.” That’s on top of his usual sport of choice, pickleball. Berenger is a regular at one of the private pickleball clubs on Hilton Head Island, where his opponents may obey the rule about being cool around the star, but that doesn’t mean they have to let him win. One particularly fierce opponent is local musician (and occasional South contributor) Jevon Daly. “Jevon’s good. He’s so tall, though… he’ll spike it and it’s like a volleyball.” So if you see him at the pickleball court, at the gym or even at Bike Week in Sturgis, just remember the golden rule: be cool. • Tom and Laura now call their custom-made Marathon Coach Prevost home, a gleaming luxury RV that they've already taken on multiple trips from coast to coast. They share this space with their two dogs, Lilly and Bagigio ("It means 'peanut' in Italian," says Tom). SERGEANT BARNES/PLATOON THE MANY FACES OF TOM BERENGER Far and away the most remarkable aspect of Tom Berenger's career has been his singular ability to be both recognizable yet resistant to typecasting. Arguably one of his most famous roles, that of the battle-ravaged Sgt. Barnes in Oliver Stone's "Platoon," no doubt played a part in some of the roles later on as one military badasses, but he's done so much more than that. In fact, if you ask him what his best role was, he'll bypass better-known turns in "Major League" or "The Big chill," pointing to the 1988 thriller "Betrayed" and his role as white supremacist Gary Simmons. "Debra Winger said it was the best thing I’ve ever done. She may be right. She’s very smart." SOUTH December | January 2020 59