South magazine [82] HEALTH & WELLNESS 2019 - Page 50

BENJAMIN & LINCOLN FITCHITT AGE: 3 / PARENTS: PAMELA & DAVID FITCHITT Not many people know this about us, but we are expert dinosaur callers. Lincoln does a mean Brontosaurus. I’m more of a T-Rex guy. It’s kind of our thing. That and battling dragons in epic sword fights. We work well as a dragon-fighting team, but we have our differences, too. Lincoln loves his sweets; I’m more of a savory guy. Give me pickle chips any day. When we’re not slaying fire- breathing monsters, we like to tend our vegetable garden and help Daddy with the tractor on our farm. EASTON COLLINS AGE: 2 YEARS PARENTS: BRANDON & BROOKE COLLINS There’s nothing better than cracking open a cold bottle of milk and watching a game with the crew, a.k.a. Mom, Dad and Allie, our Yorkie. My teams? Bama. Roll Tide! And the Atlanta Braves, if it’s baseball season. I pick up a bat now and then, too. I just like being outside – the smell of the grass, the sun on your face, and the sound of a homerun cracking off a Louisville Slugger. Follow it up with a dip in the pool? That’s a good day. PUTT A BIRDIE AT BOGEY’S Take the family to Bogey’s Sports Bar and Mini Golf for a day of friendly competition. Teach them the sweet satisfaction of putting a hole in one and the perfect swing technique. Stay for ice cream in the arcade or dinner in the Sports Bar. 48 SOUTH December | January 2020