South magazine [82] HEALTH & WELLNESS 2019 - Page 22

SOUTH MAGAZINE’S HEALTH & WELLNESS ISSUE 2019-20 CHIT CHAT PHYSICIAN, TRAIN THYSELF Surfing, paddleboarding, swimming, running, road biking, mountain biking, cross-training — Dr. Jack Considine does it all. “If I had to put it in simple words, my workouts are variable and brief. Most of them are 30 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes,” Considine says. He focuses on core and cardio, but he likes to mix it up as much as possible. As a physician, Considine understands the mechanism of injury. He’s a musculo- skeletal radiologist, so he treats every- thing from sports injuries to arthritis. As an athlete, he admits he doesn’t always practice what he preaches: “My brain says I’m in my 20s, but my body says I’m not. As you get older, you don’t bounce any- more. Tiggers bounce. I go thud,” he jokes. With that personal and professional knowledge, he gives good advice for bouncing back throughout life. “Strive to do something every day. You can get a phenomenal workout in 10-15 minutes. In your 20s, don’t forget about cardio. From 40 to 60, it’s core, core, core. A strong core, anatomically, is more important than anything else for overall fitnes . For elderly patients, protect your joints by avoiding full range of motion under strain of the weights.” Considine sees a lot of injuries and has suffered some himself, but ultimatel , be- ing active is a joy and a pleasure. “Work- ing out to look better is a mistake. Use exercise as a means of feeling better, the rest will follow,” he says – a prescription for a life lived in motion. • WRITTEN BY MOLLY CLANCY / PHOTO BY D. PAUL GRAHAM 20 SOUTH December | January 2020