South Florida Real Estate Guide Issue 10 - Page 10

4010 N OCEAN BLVD E OM H ED R U T FEA The Best Team in Real Estate... THE VILLAS - GULF STREAM $3,695,000 New Luxury Town Home w/a Spacious Private Lifestyle of Single Family Living. Deeded Beach Access Via Private Easement w/Full Use of Beachfront Fitness Center.Home has top of the line Jennair Appliances. Truly the Finest Finishes in Detail, Luminous Marble & Wood Floors, Generous Family Room 10 ft Ceilings, First floor Master Exudes Luxury w/Tasteful Decor. First floor Master,Library/Den w/Warm Woods. Second floor Boasts 2 Guest Bedrooms w/Baths. Private Terrace w/Views, Lush Tropical Landscape, 2 Car Epoxy Garage, Additional Outdoor Private Spaces. Elegance at the BEACH!! Maticulously Maintained by HOA, Beach Includes Valet Lounge Service Resort Style Pool & BBQ Area for Entertaining. with PROVEN RESULTS Jodi Schulefand Lisa Lipsky 561-901-3373 561-706-3139 Realtor® Realtor® [[ BˈHHHHHH BM HURQUTHTBMPPSUBPTT HSVHPP KNMK [ܙYXH][ۈH LNY]و]\۝YHHۙH[HH[]\^\H[X]Z[\X[X\[Y]H]\H[HHX]\\š[YKY\ ˍH]\ٙXKX\Hܚ[Y] \\X\[]]܋]\[\X\[[ܜ]Y ]\X]\[Y\\Z\YZ[[[X\\Z]H[۞Hؙ\Y]و[H\YH[HYH\\XHX\H[][]H\H]\YHB PSԐQTB HUSHQPBT”ӑHԑQRS HSVHPP L \[0X]H\Hܙ[YHHHܙ[YH[\Y[\ۙHܙYZ[][ۂHXܙ\[\YHH[Y[]X]\و[K\^\[\]X]\BXZ\X\ܝY[ ]\HZ[HY[ܙHZ[\ [ۙY\]X[[ٙ H[\XXH\YۈX]\\[YH[ZY۞^ [Z[YZ[[XܞHܜ [[X\Bܚ[Y] H\][X\\Z]H]\ \\\]H][\HܘYY]ˈ[[Y[ٙXKXK[ݚYHX]\][]\]Z\Y[ [K[\X\H\YH]Y[˂ԑBBBԐSHԐQ HSVHPP K K SVHRTTUT HSVHPP MK ^[ۙX]]Y[[]H\X][ۈ ܘX[\^[]]Y]H]\BK\X HPԑH] KNMHY]و]\۝[Y][ܙHHYۈH[]\[\]]^KYHY \\YK UP[]Z[\\X[\\\XܙX][ۘ[ܙY[XKYHوۙ\\[X]X[\HXZ[Z[Y MNHQUUTSB\HZ[HYH[Z[HKX\YY\]܋۝X[ۈXHݙ[\BX[][[[]X]]Y[\\H H[\Z]HY\۝\K \][\YHX\\[ٙXKH\HYH] \Z\›XYH\Hٝ\XH [ܙHY\ˈ[\]YH\H\[YH]]H\\Hو\[\H[X[Y\ˈT[HX[[][]HHܙX]܈[[^HH]X\K[H ]XJ’[\]SQQHJXX\[[H[[ [ܜ\ MMSTPHQUBӂBSPSQHӈQT HHUӈ KMK ܞHۈYH]\[H\\HXXH[[X[Y]H[\\ܞH[۞H[]]HYYYXXX\\YH\][HZ[HғB[][]Y\ˈ\ܘYY\Yۙ\][X[][^[]H\[ وH[B\XY܈^\H\X[HXYKZ[[[H\ܙ[\Yܚ[Y] []]܋ LZ[ B[YHX\\]؝Z[[[HوܘYH] \YH۝\Hۈ ܙ܋]]H]܂][[[Y\][]]HX]Y X[[\[[[\X\[[ܜˈX\]H[Y\\VTH HHUӈ K ̍K HHXX[\[[YH[\][ۈH\Y]][[\\[XZ٘\\]ݙ\H[[\XK[Z[HK\XX\X]Y H ݙ\Y[ZH[][X[\[HZK\X[[\[ܙ[\ܛ[܈X\\Z]H\X[[[] ^\H] Xۙ܈\Hٝ Y\ˈBYYXKј[Z[HHۙY\[ZHY]ˈ \܈[[YHHXۙ\HYK[[Y[[[KHX]]Y[ٙXH[H \\YK\[[YH\]YHHX\K]\[\\HK