South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 67

YOUR SOUL FAMILY ------ connecting with your ‘inner you’ ------ calmness - harmony - wisdom “At Your Soul Family we seek calmness and the wisdom to be found there. We do this by building and painting a map back to our unconscious mind, higher-self or soul. Your Soul Family seeks to show others how to do this too.” Soul Family aims to enhance your conscious awareness of yourself and to put you back in touch with your ‘inner you’. The Soul Family pictures that you will create are mind maps for your consciousness to guide you in your development. They are secular in nature but use geometric shapes that are found in many cultures, religions and nations. Geometry is a universal language that enables you to unlock knowledge contained in your subconscious about the true nature of yourself. The ‘inner you’ will connect with these pictures and bring great relaxation and calmness as you colour. In that calm space within you, you will find a wisdom you did not know you possessed. Secondly at work; According to Fredrik Arnander author of “We are all Leaders” “We are all leaders. Leadership is not a position, it is a mindset” Leadership involves creating a vision for others to follow and providing the knowledge and approach to realising that vision. A leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations. We all need to do this whether it is in a business or running a club or our local neighbourhood watch scheme, etc. In a time of rapid technological change and economic uncertainty, such as we find ourselves now, organisations that thrive will do so by encouraging their people at all levels to take a proactive role in leading themselves and their organisations to success. At Your Soul Family (YSF) we look at you holistically – at home and at work. First lets look at how you may personally achieve calmness and wisdom outside of work. In this context work is the activity you do to earn a living, run a home, raise children, charity work, voluntary work… First at home; Have you ever asked yourself “What should I be doing next in my life?”. The desire to move forward expressed in this simple but important question can trigger a meaningful journey of self-development and growth. Finding your Soul Family is a guide to personal development. It aims to explore the relationships in your life, the life lessons you may be learning and to discover your Soul Family. But first, what do I mean by ‘Soul Family’? A Soul Family is a group of people who can include individuals from your biological, adopted or step family, in-laws, friends, colleagues. All of these people can provide you with challenges and therefore opportunities to learn. They might also share moments of kindness enabling you to practice receiving. Both situations are opportunities for personal development and growth. Soul Family is a new approach to examining the life W762B&VF62W"ƖfPBvFFBvVFvRRv'VB7GW&RbW"6Vf֖ǒ&fFrƗ7F07GW&RbW'6Vb7G&rVFW'6V6W2W"FV>( 6&ƗFW2&fFrFRVFW'6FWFW6W'fRRVVBF&R&RFVBW'6VbVFrW'6VbV6W76FFW2G'VǒvpBvrW'6VbV&rF( VB^( V&W26W72B6&GbFVvBV7F2v&rFvrB&7F6pFV6VW2F'&rF26&GV&W2W VƗGFVvG2F&RV&BFW6R&RFPFVvG2FBvFfFRW"FV2FFVƗfW"W"f6F22֖FgVVFW'6FW&R2V6FV&FRvB2FRF^Fb֖FgVVFW'6f"RB3֖FgVVFW"26VRvV&FW0VFW'6&W6V6R'7VFfFrf7W26&G7&VFfGB676F&V66v2FB֗RFRvV&Vrb7FVFW'2֖FgVVFW'27&VFR֖FgVv&6W2f FF&fRB4bvRFvƖvBFP'F6W2BFV&FR֖FgVW72Bv&BFRvB&7F6W2v6fR7F'FVB( "W7B6Vb76W76VB( "W&RW"W"v6F( "FwVFRW"G&6f&FG&6f&W"ƖfRvFW%6Vf֖ǒ6Ц66rv&62b6W'6W0Ɨ6vVW'6Vf֖ǒ6scb3sSc