South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 65

STAR ACCOMMODATION Top accomodation in Yorkshire - Comfortable and Quiet Barn Conversion near Whitby, North Yorkshire Modern self-catering holiday cottages in the North York Moors just outside the historical fishing port of Whitby. The three cottages are set in a sandstone barn and each accommodates 4 to 8 people in each - 22 people in total. The Granary Cottages are located at Bannial Flatts Farm which was originally part of the historic Raithewaite Estate, a little gem hidden away just outside Whitby in the beautiful North York Moors National Park. Our eco-friendly self catering cottages are converted to the highest standard offering a unique holiday experience. Each barn sleeps 4 or 8 in double and twin bedrooms. They have a large family friendly shared garden, patio and alfresco dining areas with outside feature lighting. Free Wifi and underfloor heating. With ample parking, luxury bedlinen, soft towels, DAB radio, 40in flat screen TV/DVD and so much more too! Book an Individual Cottage - Or All Three for a Celebration! When booked together for larger parties, have the best of both worlds. • Cottage 1 – Sleeps 6 people • Cottage 2 – Sleeps 4 people • Cottage 3 – Sleeps 4 people • Cottage 4 – Sleeps 8 people • Total 22 people Enjoy All That Yorkshire Has To Offer From this amazing location discover and explore the delights ‘God’s own Country’ has to offer. Walking and cycling routes from your doorstep and local family friendly pubs and delicious tea rooms are close by. Whitby and the Yorkshire Ju &76267B2W7BR֖WFRG&fRv7FVЧG&267FW2f&W7G2BFVR&27F&0&B&VWFgV'VFR&WBFv26&R'BbW"&6&RƖFWW&V6RvRfRFVWBBw&VWBW"wVW7G2vVFW'&fRvV6R7Wb&6&RFV"&GFR`vRW&R&VGFVvVRvƲF&VvFPF"66R7vVWB6G&VG2FF7FR^( fVVBRg&FRVBR'&fR6GFvR&6p( "֖V2vB7F( "֖VRvB7F7VW"ƖF0( "WG0( "&p6GFvR2&VB6VW2b( "&6W27F'Bg& *3W"v@6GFvR"b2"&VB6VW2B( "&6W27F'Bg& *3RW"v@6GFvRBB&VB6VW2( "&6W27F'Bg& *3#RW"v@vRf'v&BF6VVrRVBV琥FVCrcs3"sssCSCCfFVw&'6GFvW26ХFRw&'&fGG2wV6&&Vv&BvF'#5