South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 63

EQUESTRIAN THE BOETT BLANKET & HOOD Now recognised by some insurance companies as a treatment also used as an effective fly rug by many owners. Recommended by vets. BIO-PLUS EQUINE CAPSULES Bio-Plus capsules contain a unique formulation of bio-protein which is listed in the EU FEFAC register. Trialled and proven to be safe. 3, 6 and 12 month packs from £75 BE SAFE, BE SEEN Refl ective wear for pets Designed to fi t your animal comfortably and allow full movement. Machine washable, sturdy and made to last. The original Sweet-Itch rug - favoured worldwide because it really works! From £165 Now available for cats and dogs. From £30 for 3 months Including VAT and next day delivery! Call 01352 840 333 / 01352 771 718 Email Visit The Boett Blanket was designed in Sweden 25 years ago and has been continuously improved and developed since then and is still at the forefront of the market . There are now many copies of the design but beware if they don’t have Boett on the tail cover they are not Boetts. The Boett Blanket protects horses and ponies suffering from insect bite allergy, but is also used by owners wanting a good quality fly rug, Vets highly recommend it as one of the most effective treatments for sweet-itch but also for the protection of horses with sarcoids. The blanket is used by many thousands around the world, it is made from a unique purpose designed light, but strong soft fabric which midges cannot bite through. The fabric is highly breathable and has a ‘parasol’ effect that helps keep the horse cool in full sun so overheating does not occur. It has water and grease repellent properties so dries very much as their own coat would dry after rain. The Bio-Plus capsules are a breakthrough in the treatment of sweet-itch,they belong to a family group of ‘immune modulators’ which work by sending signals to the immune system to respond more efficiently . Bio-Plus capsules were trialled for eight years and are proven to be safe with no side effects, Owners who have used Bio-Plus capsules are reporting that the severity of the condition eases with the ongoing use of the capsules. For more information or Tel: National Sweet-Itch Centre 01352 840333/01352 771718.