South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 58

Holiday home ownership at HiBVg\VgZi¼h7Vn=da^YVnEVg` I=:L>9:HIG6C<:D;86G6K6CH;DGH6A: =da^YVn=dbZh[gdb—&+!..*VcYh^iZ[ZZh[gdb—(!)*. Payment options available deposits from 10% 22 metre ^cYddg edda &%bdci] hZVhdc [dgdlcZgh + Ajmjgn AdY\Zh VkV^aVWaZ =da^YVn =dbZh [gdbdcan £16,995 * ;dgbdgZ^c[dgbVi^dck^h^ijh^ci]Z8VgVkVcHVaZh :cfj^gn8ZcigZdceVg`dgXVaajhdc 01304 851 934 Hi#BVg\VgZi¼h7Vn=da^YVnEVg`!GZVX]GdVY! Hi#BVg\VgZi¼h"Vi"8a^[[Z!Cg9dkZg!@Zci!8I&*+6< *Prices vary between models and Parkdean Resorts parks. Subject to availability. All prices include VAT. Images are for illustration purposes. +Owners can holiday as often as they like within their specified holiday season and pitch agreement. Parkdean Resorts holiday parks are not residential parks and holiday homes cannot be occupied as a permanent residence. Facilities and entertainment will be available from time to time at the discretion of Parkdean Resorts and is usually indicated in the current Parkdean Resorts holiday brochure.