South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 43

COMPANY PROFILE THE KNIFE SHARPENER GUY ATTENDS THE FRANKFURT TRADE SHOW After the success of the AnySharp Knife Sharpener here in the UK, Steph Hrycak and the AnySharp team are taking the the global market by storm with their unique range of knife sharpeners. This truly has become the must have product for any cooking enthusiast. Steph and AnySharp Sales manager Zia Rehman recently attended the Frankfurt trade show this month to exhibit their range of knife sharpeners. Whilst Zia was handling the sales aspect of the visit to Frankfurt, Steph was mesmerizing crowds with demonstrations of the sharpeners. The interest they generated was truly overwhelming with parties from as far away as Mongolia showing a keen interest in the products at the show. Rather fitting given the product's far eastern origins. The AnySharp technology has taken nearly 10 years to perfect. Being made with tungsten carbide, it is designed using the second toughest material known to man. The limitations of this remarkable piece of kit does not stop as just kitchenware though as Steph has shown in his demonstrations. These sharpeners even have the ability to sharpen everyday items from the tool shed too. This versatile product is perfect for people who enjoy the great outdoors also with campers and fishing enthusiasts reaping the benefits too. Steph attends around 60 trade shows a year all over the world promoting the AnySharp range and has a food show coming up Wakefield next week and then is off to Chicago, USA, although his main trading market is generally the UK. Retailing at just £15, the AnySharp comes in a range of colours. The stainless steel version however certainly adds that wow factor costing a mere £25. They both incorporate a powerful, specially designed suction pad allowing the user to keep their free hand safely out of harms way adding to the safety factor. With the popularity of the AnySharp rapidly rising, all kitchens, whether at home or in a professional environment, would benefit from the AnySharp range. AnySharp also sell a pocket version fitting directly to your keys. In a recent radio interview, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver spoke very highly of the AnySharp sharpener range and recommends the product as a must have item for all kitchens. Prue Lieth from the Great British Bake Off also has great things to say about the AnySharp range and says that she has given many of the sharpeners as gifts to friends and family members. To find out more about the Anysharp product range call 07910 944 826 or visit