South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 28

FRENCH PROPERTY Cedric Mitchell Architect(e) Architecture essentially concerns people... Why Cedric Mitchell? • I provide a personal service. • I am very much “a people person.”, I welcome discussions and enjoy every project I embark on, I also understand that your project is unique. • I am an individual. You won’t be employing the services of a large company, you will be employing me to help you and give you the building design you want. • I am able to work on any size project, in any location (within reason) • I can undertake architectural projects which involve new build, alteration or extension projects or a combination. • I have expertise in disability design, listed buildings and conservation work. • I am English, but my French background means I speak fluent French and can help you in discussions with builders and planning authorities in France. THE SERVICE THAT I CAN OFFER YOU: Can be tailored to suit your requirements. I can offer you a complete service from inception to completion or a partial service which might be anything from providing an initial design to providing a complete set of construction plans. In addition I am also able to offer stand alone services which include: • Certification for self build mortgages • Disability design and advice • Expert witness work • Architectural troubleshooting CONTACT US: Cedric Mitchell Architects, 17 South Pallant, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1SU UK Tel: 01243 773166 Fax: 01243 773166 Cedric Mitchell? Cedric Mitchell Dipl Arch., R.I.B.A., Ordre des Architectes was educated at Harrow Schoo B7GVFVB&6FV7GW&P&FBFRffW'23V'2bWW&V6R&W6FVFB6W&6FW6v&FFRT@g&6R7B6ƖVG2fR6VFVBFRFG'W7BFPfVB7GVFW26V6WGv&B&VB6WW&FvPB6G&RW22vV2VW&W2&fFP6ƖVG2R2&VVFR&V6VBbGv&6RbvW0v&G26f2G'W7B6VFFB&V7@6'FƗ7FVBf"$$v&BआRG2GV'&F6Bg&V6FƗGB0fVVB&FVvƗ6Bg&V6आR2V&W"bFR&G&RFW2&6FV7FW2B2gVǐVƖfVBF&7F6Rg&6RआR2&VVf"V'26֗GFVRV&W"bFPg&6'&F6Vb&6FV7G2B26V&W bFR766Fb6Vb'VB&6FV7G2BFRw&VV&Vv7FW"