South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 23

Education Exploring Emotional Literacy with Anthea Hardin g For the past 15 years Anthea Harding has been pivotal in helping young children be better prepared in their future lives. Anthea’s business, Early Years Learning and Development has been influential in aiding children who often struggle academically. Anthea was a teacher for over 25 years and would often encounter pupils who were not always able to keep up with the majority of the class. This peaked Anthea’s interest as to why this was happening and she quickly learned that it was more than just laziness or disinterest. The problems were much deeper. Anthea began to delve further into these issues and came across a method known as emotional literacy. The method helps Anthea understand the mental state of the child in order to then establish the root of the problem. She found that a child born prematurely or born in the month of August was considered by many parents to be at a disadvantage. Using the emotional literacy method, Anthea is able to grasp a deeper understanding of the child’s psychological state. Anthea will usually visit the home of the child ensuring that they are in an environment where their behaviour is more natural as well as being in the company of their parents. She will then go through various scenarios and exercises to help her further understand the child’s charater. One exercise she feels helps her often is the use of a specially designed floor plan. This essential tool allows Anthea and the child’s parent to establish the issues what may need addressing. She is able to put the child through various scenario’s or situations where she can identify accurately the required remedy. Another method or theory that Anthea finds very helpful is transactional analysis. A theory which has been around