South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 15

Care in the Community Everycare in Medway have been influential in helping its local community with home care support since 1995. The area manager Richard Tutt, explains that the key focus for Everycare Medway is to change the lives of vulnerable people in need of care as well as providing some much needed respite for their full time carer's. Everycare have branches in England, Scotland and Wales, and are one of the leading care providers and healthcare staffing service in the UK. At Everycare we pride ourselves on delivering care of the highest quality with carers trained to meet standards expected by the company. We have a rigorous recruitment procedure and only with successful references and DBS checks together with a 5 day induction programme completed are Carers ready to start work. Supervisions and Spot checks are carried out 6 to 8 weekly to ensure standards are maintained. Employing in the region of 150 carers in the Medway area and with over 400 clients, Everycare are now one of the leading Care Providers in the area. Everycare support a diverse client group providing care for people who have age related challenges, mental health needs, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol dependency, physical disability, brain injury, and challenging behaviour for adults as well as children. Most people would much rather remain in the comfort and security of their own homes and Everycare’s domiciliary services can provide either hourly or part hour calls, daily or weekly, as well as single visits or a full time 24 hour care package. Carers will support all aspects of daily living with everything from shopping, bathing, meal preparation, social activities and outings as well as liaising with family members, friends, social workers and F7G&7BW'6W2WfW'6&R&fFRvW"BFVb6&W'2F&VRWG&6&RVG2FRVGv&VFVƗfW&rVƗG6&R&f6FFVG22BvVFV"VVG27&V6RBFW&WV&R&RVWfW'6&R6&fFR&W7FR6&RvfrgVFR6&W'2V6VVFV@'&Vg&FV"'W76&r&W76&ƗFW26&r6&RWW7FpWW&V6Rf"gVFR6&W"2WfW'6&R&V6v6W26&fFrFP&W7FRFWVVB2'FB'BbFR6w26W'f6RWfW'6&R&RfW'&VBbG2ƖFfR6&R6W'f6RvWFW"Bw26B"GVBWfW'6&R&RBFV7W&RFB6ƖVG2fRFR6&RB7W'@VVFVBFV"vW2v7B7^W&rg&ƖfRF&VFVrW72&fFr6&RB7W'Bf"&F6ƖVBBf֖ǒWfW'6&RVGvw2&V7FfR2F&fFRvVƗG6&RB7W'B@6vrV^( 2ƗfW26FfRvgFW"&fFr6W'f6W2f"fW"GvFV6FW2WfW'6&R&Rvrg&7G&VwFF7G&VwFB&RWW f"6&RVGvB7&72FRTखbRvVBƖRgW'FW"f&F&WBWfW'6&RVGv"F@WB&R&WB6&R6W'f6W2vR&fFR6c3B#Rc3"f6@wwrWfW'6&R6V6vrƗfW0VGv