South East Recorder Issue 21 - Page 13

Charity Awareness Help Fight Global Poverty TRAID LOVES THE CLOTHES YOU DON’T... ... and to prove environmental and it the global development charity is expanding its hugely popular free home collections service to include all of St Albans and Harpenden. Simply book a collection online, by phone or email and TRAID will come and collect it. It's an easy way for communities to donate unwanted clothes direct from their door, directly to charity. Collections take place at convenient times when you are at home so donations are not left outside where they are vulnerable to theft and bad weather. Nearly one million tonnes of textiles are sent to UK landfill and incineration every year, with 350,000 tonnes of these textiles estimated to be good enough to be worn again. With UK landfill at bursting point and textiles contributing disproportionately to greenhouse emissions, TRAID's work to reclaim innovative and reuse unwanted clothes is more relevant than ever. To book a free home collection Telephone: 0202 8733 2580 Email: