South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 8

Art update IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Everybody, everywhere appreciates the beauty of art, with some finding artistic beauty in places often overlooked. Artists are experts at seeing those magical and forgotten moments in their surroundings and capturing them for all to see. in part to the internet and online selling sites such as eBay, Etsy, Folksy and Not Art can be found in many weird and wonderful forms, from paintings produced in watercolours, oils and acrylics to sculptures made from porcelain, ceramic and bronze. It can also be produced with textiles, mixed media, photographs, glass and even jewellery, with many jewellery-making artists inspired by the natural forms and colours found in natural forms and shapes such as gemstones. The movement also seems to have grown as an alternative to the Like with traditional artists who craft with a paintbrush, crafters and hobbyists enjoy the satisfaction of expressing their creativity, learning new crafts and taking a break from the stresses of daily life with their art. For some, it is also an opportunity to generate a secondary income. While the Arts movement has continued to thrive throughout history, the Arts and Crafts movement has seen tremendous growth in recent years, perhaps due on the High Street, which make it simpler and more accessible for crafters who cannot afford a physical shop to sell their wares. mass-produced trends and fashions. While many are happy to keep with trends, there are certainly some who prefer to express their own unique personality with individual designs and items. There is a huge variety of fresh and individual designs available, from jewellery and household accessories to decorative and functional items such as handbags and phone cases, toys and even clothes. Whether it’s the knowledge that each item is of a very limited number or the fact that it has been handmade with love by somebody who cares more about their craft than their finances, buyers are ready and willing to snap up fantastic and unique pieces of art, whether it be an original painted canvas or a handmade candle. Bankats by Mascha Angoscini An Italian artist and an enthusiast of all things feline, Mascha Angoscini specialises in painting beautifully charismatic feline portraits. Her passions for art and cats were discovered as a child and have stayed with her throughout her whole adult life. the freedom that creativity and imagination itself allows in addition to ancient mythology, particularly: “Magic, the ring character of magic mirages and Quetzalcoatl which genially twinkles at me, hovering by my bedroom window timeless from dawn to dusk.” Mascha studied as the only student under the famous Italian feline painter Novella Parigini, where she learned how to express her affinity for the animals on canvas. She typically works with oils to create her beautiful paintings, experimenting to find new shades and textures and has also recently begun to work with nail varnish, finding that they add a shimmering quality to the paintings and are especially good for enhancing the eyes of her subjects. When not working on her own art, Mascha is also happy to accept commissions including portraits for all subjects such as dogs, horses and humans. Although able to paint various subjects, she does however prefer to paint cats, explaining: “ I have a very strong spiritual link. I do not find anything to paint difficult or challenging. Probably the challenge that I have set myself since early age is to be able to communicate the essence of the felines as I perceive it.” Mascha told us : “I have always loved cats. I was brought up around cats and I can liaise with them; they are my kind of people and I like to let them roam freely and play within my creativity. I have always loved to make portraits of them since I was little; they always took the time to pose for me. Nobody of the human family is artistic.” In addition to cats, Mascha has illustrated and published 'A View from the Cat' about her life in Garcia's time and is also inspired by When living in Italy, Mascha regularly exhibited her work and in England, has exhibited with the Feline Art Society and at The Music Room. She has also recently completed a successful exhibition with Barclays Banks. The Bankats exhibition featured Mascha’s latest collection of cat portraits and took place on June 24th 2015. Currently, she is working on a new Mayan cat calendar for a big art exhibition for the British Museum. For more information on Mascha, her art and to enquire about a commission, please call 07961 973976 or email Alternatively, visit