South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 6

Charity Awareness MAKE A LASTING DIFFERENCE Organisations established to provide help, vital services and In addition to donating physical money through collection raise money for those in need, charities rely on donations from boxes, donation slips and online donations, there are also the public to continue their hard work. With so many different several websites through which you can shop as usual charities requiring help, there are plenty of good causes to while your chosen charity can receive a donation at no cost support and many different ways in which you can help! to yourself. Why not also donate gifts or unwanted items? Charity shops make use of unwanted items, selling them on and feeding the vital profits back into the organisation. There are also charities who are desperately seeking volunteers to continue their mission and provide vital help and support, so why not donate a little of your time and make a difference where it counts or donate your time to fundraising? Gifts in wills, also known as legacies, are also an important source of income for charities. Legacies tend to be of a higher value than one-off donations and help charities with their ±½Ήœ΅Ρ•Ι΄Α±…ΉΉ₯Ήœ°•ΝΑ•₯…±±δ₯˜Ή½Ρ₯™₯•‰•™½Ι•‘…ΉΈ