South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 5

Charity Awareness Green Corridor are a wonderful organisation that help, support, and train disadvantaged young people at their Learning Development Centre in West London. The young people have a wide variety of special educational needs and disability (SEND), and Green Corridor's vision is to connect young people and their community to more promising futures. The friendly and qualified staff ensure each person is supported with regular 1:1's, and the tutors support them to achieve qualifications in horticulture and/or catering. “Green Corridor’s work with Johnny has been outstanding. As a young person who has often struggled to cope with his emotions and the barriers that he has faced, he has engaged with the staff at Green Corridor in a way which has boosted his confidence and changed his outlook.” On the horticulture course, young people are encouraged and shown how to ‘Dig, Plant and Grow’, using the poly-tunnels and plots. There's a huge range of activities going on, from digging and harvesting to building ponds and raising beds. While on the catering course, young people ‘Pick, Cook and Serve’ their produce, all of which involves getting out of the classroom and meeting new people. “As a member of staff, I can only thank Green Corridor, Mark, Jo and Collin in particular for their wonderful work with the people I support. They have been continually professional, adaptable, genuinely caring and a pleasure to work with. I am extremely jealous that I cannot work with Green Corridor all the time. It is an organisation that stays true to its values and core offer. Inclusive, nurturing and supportive, Green Corridor and its staff are simply brilliant at what they do and I wish the entire organisation all the best in their future projects”. - Rachel The programmes run by Green Corridor are designed to help young people with alternative educational needs, to gain confidence, life skills and social abilities, alongside national recognised qualifications. Each person will also have the opportunity to be involved in activities such as, CV workshops, Youth Steering Groups and work place trials/transition. All designed to develop social skills, confidence and self-belief, creating better employment prospects for all. Their small group sizes of different abilities, gender and age allow the young people to develop their skills at their own pace. The nurturing and safe environment, with the caring and qualified staff helps to support each person to look to the future they would like, in a career they enjoy. For further information please visit