South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 48

TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR THE LADY TOASTMASTER PATRICIA CREIGHTON M.B.E Your wedding should be everything you ever wanted, so enjoy the moment safe in the knowledge that all is taken care of, with Patricia Creighton M.B.E., The Lady Toastmaster! An independent, fully trained and insured Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies, Compère and Events Hostess, Patricia holds 40 years of experience organising and managing events and 21 years as a part-time deputy superintendent registrar. Organised, professional and friendly, she has the skills it takes to not only guide and support you before the big day but liaise with all suppliers on the day itself and ensure everything goes according to plan! Based in Croydon but happy to travel – even toastmastering in Spain for The Royal British Legion at their Poppy Appeal Balls – Patricia can toastmaster at various events including weddings of all ceremonies and denominations and also same-sex ceremonies. Understanding how important your event is, she offers unlimited support, customised services, and is extremely reliable and trustworthy, paying attention to minutia so that you can relax and enjoy the moment. PATRICIA CREIGHTON M.B.E Independent Lady Toastmaster s/$'<72$670$67(5 0$67(52)&(5(021,(6 s&203(5( (9(176+267(66 PLANNING AN EVENT? Weddings (all denominations and cultures) Parties - Anniversaries - Balls - Festivals Corporate Events - Charitable Functions Christenings - Bonquets - Dinners Fashion Shows Charity Auctions - Receptions - Centenary Dinners :RXOG\RXOLNHDQH[SHULHQFHGTXDOLILHG/DG\7RDVWPDVWHUWRJLYH\RXUHYHQWWKDW :2:IDFWRUQRPDWWHUKRZODUJHRUVPDOOWKHHYHQW",KDYHZRUNHGLQ(XURSH DQG,DPZLOOLQJWRWUDYHO DOPRVW DQ\ZKHUHIRUDQ\W\SHRIHYHQW &OLHQWFDUHDWWHQWLRQWRGHWDLODQGSURIHVVLRQDOH[SHUWLVHZLOOHQVXUH \RXUHYHQWLVDVXFFHVV PLEASE CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS or 07885 780149