South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 47

Health & Wellbeing CHINBROOK MEDICAL COSMETIC CENTRE Look Good Without Surgery 1) BOTULINUM TOXIN-DERMAL FILLERS 6) HAIR GROWTH 2) WEIGHT REDUCTION-BODY CONTOURING 7) BEAUTY THREAD FACE-LIFT 3) LIQUID FACELIFTS 8) FAT AND CELLULITE REDUCTION 4) FACIAL REJUVENATION 9) THREAD VEIN REDUCTION 5) MESOTHERAPY 10) TEETH WHITENING / BLEACHING ALL TREATMENTS CARRIED OUT BY MEDICAL DOCTORS CALL 0208 857 4249 FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION or visit Registered with “Treatments You Can Trust”. The “Consultation Room” Gold member of INT. ASSOC. of Advanced Facial Aesthetics BACK PAIN I specialise in this area, and have been pleased by the positive response to my therapeutic massage I've received from my clients. For an appointments: 07778 063241