South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 45

ANIMAL MAGIC Your dog’s holiday starts here Devoted to dogs since 2000 r Foreve Many of us own a pet or have owned a pet at some point in our lives. With so many different animals available, there are pets to suit all needs. Cats and dogs are popular, as are birds, fish, reptiles and small animals such as rabbits and hamsters. Other, more unusual animals are also kept as pets such as hedgehogs, tarantulas and pygmy goats. Whether big or small, furry or scaly, we all understand just how important and beloved our pets become and how important it is to ensure the appropriate level of care and attention for their health and wellbeing. When it comes to ensuring your pet has an appropriate living environment and diet, a trip to the local pet shop is necessary. Home to a wide stock of all y R6V@VVBWB62&RFRW&fV7B6Rf"7F6rWfVVB&VFFr66W76&W2BF26WFW2vWfW"FR6W'f6W2bFW"7V6Ɨ7G0&R6&WV&VBBf'GVFVǒ&fW7607V62fWFW&&2Frw&W'2FrvƶW'2@&VfW&7G2FVF6FRFV"FRB6W'f6W0FV7W&RW"WB2&FBVFvR&fFRfrRg&PƖF6&Rf"W"FrWfW'Fr2'&vVBfW'6VV@7W'FVB6ǒ'W"g&VFǒFp6&R&fW762vRw&RFRWW'G0BrW"FrfVVBR&&tBV6Х&6&Bv&&vBV6sRsc#SS@