South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 29

Christmas Festivities Enjoy a drink and something to eat in a local village pub. Saturday 2nd December Village Christmas lights turn on The George is a fantastic traditional village pub and restaurant, with the family now celebrating their 2 year anniversary of ownership. The popular family-run pub boasts riverside gardens, a warm and friendly atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, Sky and BT Sports, and an extensive food and drinks menu. “Was passing through and stopped for something to eat… pub grub at its best… friendly service nothing was too much trouble food great and service better definitely worth a visit… free Wi-Fi as well all in all a lovely visit” - TRIP ADVISOR Based on Benover Road, Yalding, The George is dedicated to customer service, and provides weekly offers, including Sunday roasts, and an OAP menu ( Mon-Fri 12-5pm), as well as 'Fish Fridays'. Their terrific garden area hosts many outside events, including live music and fishing facilities. As well as their delicious freshly made, stone-baked pizzas, their menu includes starters, sharing platters, classic pub-grub, sea food, pasta and sandwiches, and also includes a children's menu. Using locally sourced produce within FV"VRR&RƗFW&ǒ7Bf 66RFRvV&vR2f&Rf"W"7V6666"WfVBB6FW'2f"WfW'Fpg&&'FF2BfW'6&W2F6&7FVw2BvW27&BFV6V&W"VRFFRƖvG2GW&rG2VrBFRvV&vRBFr&&&WVR&ffW26FvRwVW7BV&6Rf6RFrBG2&R7VF#GFFV6V&W"W62vFDVƖP7VF37BFV6V&W"DvFG2b'GgVvR6fRf6g&F2b6GW&F27W''bBGVW6F2b7F7V6g&F06&7F2VRf&Rg&7&BFV6V&W 7VF&7G2"ӇФr6vp&rGf6&RwwrFVvV&vWFr6Vf"&W6W'fF2BVV&W2V6R6c#"C3sb"f6BwwrFVvV&vWFr6V