South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 18

What’s On Amersham Jazz Club Amersham Jazz Club, founded in 1964, enthusiastically promotes live music performed by many of the finest national and international Traditional Jazz bands. We have a full programme of events featuring bands from all over the UK, and include special guest appearances throughout the year of bands from Europe and USA. AJC is open each Wednesday evening from 7:15pm to 11:00pm. If you would like further information about the Club, or a copy of our programme, "R&R&BFB0FW&W7FVBV&rBFR6V V6R6F7C#bC#S"f6BwwrW'6֦6V"6V5T4UdTE24Ԕr4#&BfV&W"#p6fF֗76 *3F'2VsWW627F'G23#FfV&W"#p&&R#FFV6V&W"#p2'GFPV6R'&rr6RvfvW"p'VffWBvFW22BFRƖ72F֗76 *3F'2VsWW627F'G23F֗76 *3F'2VsWW627F'G23gFFV6V&W"#p&Vw2W6&B&&W'2F֗76 *3F'2VsWW627F'G23W'66V"&V66fVB54"fF&6V"vG6"&B&V66fVB'V62%4