South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 13

Education Did you know? From January 2015, as part of the School Food Plan the Government legislated that low fat milk should be offered once per day, everyday to all Children in Primary Schools. In order to meet this legislation and to benefit their children, many school have now set up mid-morning milk schemes to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch, since this is when they seem to need it most; just like out own mid-morning cup of tea or coffee. Milk4Life can help in many ways to start this mid-morning milk scheme, some are show below: For Schools; We offer assistance to run a mid-morning milk scheme, this can be • A school managed scheme or • A different parent payment scheme • Eitherway, we source a local milk supplier to serve your school and offer you one to one hands on dedicated service For LEA’s; We offer a sustainable and reliably source milk supply • Using a local dairy (where possible) and a local distributor • Supporting your local economy and community • We are registered claimants for the under 5’s free nursery milk and the over 5’s subsidsed milk, therefor can reduce your own administration in these schemes • We work with local farmers to link with schools for educational purposes For Parents; If your school is registered with us, we make it simple