South East Recorder ISSUE 16 - Page 11

Art update ARABELLA KISZELY As an artist I am fascinated by trying to capture the essence of my surroundings, not just visually but emotionally. Although, I mainly paint in oils I have been experimenting lately with water-based paint, developed from strong compressed charcoal and water drawings. Colour has always been my main means of communication but lately the structure and composition of a painting has become ever more important. part of curating an exhibition is the level of response it creates in me personally. For further details, please visit and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I look forward to welcoming you to the gallery As well as my everlasting passion for the Hebrides and Cornwall I am becoming increasingly drawn to trees in all the changing seasons, particularly those outside my window. My latest paintings were painted flat on the ground in the rain and then carefully tipped briefly so that interesting rivulets appeared on the canvas. Gallery As the reputation of the gallery has developed I have become increasingly selective in the artists I exhibit. I now only show work that interests me. One of the main dilemmas for a gallery owner is that art is totally subjective and just because you personally love a piece it doesn’t mean that most of the general public will. There is really no guide for rating an artwork. One artist’s work maybe technically better than another but this does not mean that it will ‘speak’ to the viewer. It would be much easier to run a gallery full of commercially successful artists’ work but this doesn’t interest me. As a result many of the people who come to my exhibitions are artists and a huge part of the enjoyment in running the gallery comes from conversations with them about the pieces on show and their own work. In this I think I am unusual, as to me, the most important Little Buckland Gallery Little Buckland, Broadway WR12 7JH • Any enquiries about this exhibition please contact t: 01386 853739 artinthebarn @littlebuckland littlebucklandgallery LITTLE BUCKLAND GALLERY C O N T E M P O R A R Y A R T