South East Recorder Issue 14 - Page 58

ART UPDATE MARK BRAYLEY FIGURATIVE WORK / JEWELLERY In this age of mass production and cheap imports it is a pleasure to find that there are still craftsmen who use age-old skills to create things of beauty, things that are created with love and taking immense time and skill. Mark Brayley is an intuitive craftsman, specialising in intricately carved figures, models and unusual jewellery. He has worked in all aspects of the jewellery industry in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, including polishing and mounting, and setting gemstones and diamonds, before concentrating on his love of sculpting. This led to commissions for Faberge St Petersburg and some regiments of the British military, as well as making patterns for many famous jewellery companies. Mark chose to leave the Jewellery Quarter so as to create his own range of jewelley and to further develop his teaching in a more personalised way from his studio. A love of carving, intricacy and detail combine to form jewellery with a difference. All of Mark's pieces are miniature sculptures, intricate and detailed, used decoratively as items of jewellery. Some may take weeks to carve, and Mark hand finishes each piece individually once cast into precious metal. Marks diverse influences range from Gothic and Baroque, Mythology to history, Natural to Fantastical, all synergising organically to form unique and original jewellery. All jewellery is to the highest standard and is hall-marked accordingly. Mark undertakes commissions and takes pride in being able to bring your designs to reality for that special person or occasion. Mark now extends his teaching so as to offer bespoke workshops in wax or milliput carving from his studio. Everything can be ordered from out website and will be sized and finished as required WORCESTERSHIRE OPEN STUDIOS 2017 TAKES PLACE FROM SATURDAY 26 AUGUST TO MONDAY 28 AUGUST.