South East Recorder Issue 14 - Page 38

WINE + DINE GO ON TUCK IN! Food and drink might be imperative for our health and an important fixture in our daily routine, but why eat for the sake of eating when there is plenty of good food and good drink around to tempt your taste buds? We can even make quality family time by cooking together or wow our friends with our culinary skills. Learn how to make your favourite dishes, tasty desserts and even your long-forgotten childhood favourites. Cooking classes are a great way to get creative and try the new foods you’ve been thinking about. lazy day with a gorgeously tempting meal from your nearest traditional pub? There are thousands of restaurants, pubs, bars and eateries across the country to enjoy and hundreds of different dishes and drinks from cultures all over the world to try. A fantastic meal with a round of cocktails with friends and family can be a fun and interesting night out, whatever the occasion. After all, there’s nothing better than a delicious home cooked meal made with the freshest of ingredients in a friendly and comfortable pub. Good food can also be healthy. Whether for weight loss or general wellbeing, healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard and can even help with strict budgets. Making your own healthy lunch and taking it to work can help you avoid grabbing those bland but convenient ‘meal deals’. Niftily priced at an average of £3, this certainly adds up over the course of the week; why not save that meal deal money and treat yourself to a relaxed and Enjoy a drink and something to eat in a local village pub. The George is a fantastic traditional village pub and restaurant, with the family now celebrating their 2 year anniversary of ownership. The popular family-run pub boasts riverside gardens, a warm and friendly atmosphere, free Wi-Fi, Sky and BT Sports, and an extensive food and drinks menu. “Was passing through and stopped for something to eat… pub grub at its best… friendly service nothing was too much trouble food great and service better FVfFVǒv'Ff6N( bg&VRvf2vVfVǒf6N( E$Ed4 tf6g&F2rFV"FW'&f2v&FV&V7G2WG6FRWfVG26VFpƗfRW62Bf6rf6ƗFW22vV2FV"FVƖ6W2g&W6ǒFR7FR&VB2FV"VP6VFW27F'FW'26&rGFW'26762V"w'V"6VfB7F@6Gv6W2B66VFW26G&Vw2VRW6r6ǒ6W&6V@&GV6RvFFV"VRR&PƗFW&ǒ7Bf"66RFRvV&vR2f&Rf"W 7V6666"WfVBB6FW'0f"WfW'Frg&&'FF2@fW'6&W2F6&7FVw2BvW2&6VB&VfW"&BFrFPvV&vR2FVF6FVBF7W7FW 6W'f6RB&fFW2vVVǒffW'26VFr7VF&7G2BVRg&"WҒ2vV0f"&W6W'fF2BVV&W2V6R6c#"C3sb"f6BwwrFVvV&vWFr6V