South East Recorder Issue 14 - Page 32

PROPERTY Apartments and houses are now available to buy or rent in four well designed, purpose-built developments for the over-55’s, three in or around London and one in Marlborough. Town Mill Challoner Court Osprey Court Each property is equipped with 24-hour emergency systems and every development benefits from beautiful landscaped gardens, communal facilities such as lounge, guest suite 2FVF6FVBW6RW7FFRvW'0B6FR&rf&ƗGB&Rf&F&W@V6FWfVVB7&W6W'Bs0tV"vW7B7FVBVF6FPsu4"V"vFW'2w&VV6W 6W'B%#""'&WBFv֖42&&&Vv6&RfWvV@FRvV'6FRwwr7&W26V&6W2&vRg& *3rS *3c3&VG2&vRg& *33 *3CSW"vVV'FVG2&R7W'&VFǒf&Rf"fWvw2F'W"&VBf"gW'FW"VV&W2V6R6F7@'&Rv6#Sc3cB V'&Rv67&W26V