South East Recorder Issue 14 - Page 30

LEARN TO DANCE ARE YOU READY TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW? ADULT BALLROOM AND LATIN CLASSES Whether for functional, educational or enjoyment purposes, we all stumble across the chance to learn new skills, but rather than letting life's little opportunities pass by, why not take the time to expand your skill-set and improve your abilities? It's possible to learn something new during school, in the workplace or even at home! Functional skills – such as learning to drive a car or another language – can improve our daily life, while learning something educational can open up brand new career prospects! On the other hand, learning a new hobby can be used for self-improvement and relaxation purposes or even for sp 6rWGVFǒ&WFR66&&W27V607'G26VR&fRW fFW72BVVBVFW ƖfW7GRvRFW"7FW2( 2f WR'G2B7&gG2BV&pF7G'VVB( 26VPV&ƗGFRWG&WW&W72W 7&VFfG&VƖWfR7G&W72BWfVPWrg&VG2R#bFP6WFrWrV PV&'V6vWF6VG&PF&@'V6vФd%5@Գ@450vVFW6FWfVw0&VvW'2cCWФWB7FW2sCWФ&fW'2CWФe$TPVƖRD26УsSbc30wwrF6V'V6v6V