South East Recorder Issue 14 - Page 23

Education Stroud School, Romsey Co-educational Day School for Ages 3-13 RESPECT Stroud School in Romsey is a co-educational HONESTY independent school for 3-13 year olds. Our onsite provision for education within 22 acres of beautiful parkland, playing fields, woodland and wetland allows for exploration and the development of a love of learning. Crucially, this is carefully balanced across a wider curriculum that provides not only academic rigour and focus, but also the sort of opportunities and experiences that remain with our pupils for the rest of their lives. HAPPINESS There are a number of opportunities that are available to pupils throughout their time here at Stroud. We have an ‘Outstanding’ Nursery and EARLY-YEARS provision which utilises our school farm as well as our beach and forest school. The traditional entry point for Preparatory School education, Year 3 pupils experience a wealth of Stroud School, Romsey new possibilities; they represent the school in sports fixtures, take part in new co-curricular Co-educational Independent School for Ages 3-13 activities as well as performances such as Gym and Dance, singing in Romsey Abbey, and public speaking events. All Year 3 pupils are assigned a mentor from Year 8. This initiative gives younger children excellent role models to aspire to and learn from. With average class sizes of 14 we can provide an individual approach to leaning. COME AND SEE WHAT STROUD CAN OFFER YOUR CHILD • Preparatory school for King Edward VI Southampton Throughout the school we have specialist teaching in Music, Games, French, Computing and Art with a rigorous academic curriculum designed to transition pupils smoothly to our selective senior school. • Small class sizes We now offer year 7 and year 8 scholarships and have also had a number of pupils go on to achieve scholarships in their first choice senior school, including Jess who produced outstanding artwork to hugely impress her next school and secure her scholarship (please see to the right) • Preparation for 11+ and 13+ When you visit us, expect to see pupils who are happy, respectful and honest. These three fundamental attributes ensure that our leavers are fully prepared to move on to the next stage of their education and the start of their young adult lives. We are a preparatory school and aim to do just that – Stroud prides itself on the breadth of opportunities across and beyond the curriculum. • 22 acres of outdoor learning including sports fields, woodland forest, school farm and adventure play area Dartmoor National Park. Combined with the ability for role modelling and peer learning from 3 – 18 As the prep school to King Edward VI, Southampton, our pupils benefit from all the resources of the senior school. This allows extension inside and outside of the classroom, whether it be team mat VF66VvW2vVƖwF7'G2w&VB"FRWFF"GfVGW&R6VG&RFPV'2bvRW"W2&RvV6VBFFWfVFR&W6ƖV6RFR6fFV6RBFP6Vbv&VW72FB2W76VFf"vr7V66W72&V6VB&W'B'FRFWVFVB6627V7F&FRfVBFB7G&VB66ffW&VB( VGV6FbFRvW7BVƗG( BvW&R( FR7FF&BbW>( 6WfVVG2FRVƗG`V&rGFGVFW2B62&RW6VVN( 4&W'B7G&VB&fFW2( VGV6FbFRvW7BVƗG( Ф6RB6VRvB7G&VB6ffW"W"6Bf6FrW2B6VVrFR6G&V7F0FRǒvFvWBG'VRfVVf"7G&VBBW"VF7FW"Vv'&vVB&RV6V@F6rR&VBW"WG7FFrf6ƗFW2क4&W'@7G&VB66vvBW6RvvBR&6WG24SFVâsBS3#3Vâ6V7&WF'7G&VBֶW2&rVwwr7G&VBֶW2&rVt$2DR%U5