South East Recorder Issue 14 - Page 21

Education E D U C AT I O N LIFE’S STRONGEST TOOL! “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The above is a famous quote by Nelson Mandela, a quote which states the significance of education and how it is a privilege that can be used to everyone’s advantage. Education is the pulse of light at the start of your life: you go to school, you to go to college, you may even go to university. These steps are structural foundations towards your future career and the stronger your foundations, the higher you can build. In the world of today, it’s easy to take school for granted, but when you consider the quality of life that it offers, it’s such a beautiful tool that’s accessible to anyone. To prepare your child for their future, it’s important to consider enrolling them in a school that will not only encourage their academic development and higher grades but their personal and social development, too. Are you looking to re-enrol in college or university or retrain for a new career? Do your homework and find the right course for you and your needs. The only thing stopping you from becoming successful is your willingness to work hard and persevere! RAZZAMATAZ TONBRIDGE ANNOUNCES THE WINNER OF THE STAGE SCHOLARSHIP Huge congratulations to Ellie Machin for winning a year’s scholarship with RazzamatazTheatre School from The Stage newspaper, which is the oldest and most prestigious performing arts publication in the UK. Ellie , age 8 from Tonbridge who has been with Razzamataz four the past 4 years is the winner in a recent competition and will be awarded a year’s free tuition, which equates to more than 100 hours of exceptional performing arts training worth up to £800. To enter students simply had to send in a simple two-minute video highlighting what they can do from the Razzamataz curriculum. So that could be Frg&ЦW66FVG&R6r"F6RG&V6R6r"7G&VWBF6RVƖRv2B6VFW66VG0g&( 6r'W6W7>( f֖ǒW"fFW 2W66vRW"FW"W&f&V@vF( 6.( &w&W@v26f6FV6W"BFRfW'fW2( '&G266( 'WBBFW6( B7FFW&RVƖ^( 2w&G&VG2vVBХv6WBFRvW7BVB7FvR@FVv&VBFvWFW"VW&W0F6w26VFr( 6&ƖRv&( @( WGF^( B6V&VBfW27V62( ƗfW"( N( 67&v^( ЦBFVWf6( FR6N( ( FPfVvW'>( B( FR&6W"( 6vP6W'FǒrvW&RVƖRvWG2W"FV@g&V&rFB6RBvVƖP67&VVBB6B6Rv>( F&VBF&G>( vRr&VBFW7FRfp7&VBRBFRFRVƖRvFR&W7BbW"&FF'&FvR7GVFVG27FvRfV&W BFR6&7F2ƖvG2W&f&6R@vfRFR'GVGF'F6FRvR7BbW&f&֖r'GVFW27FW&676W2vFGW7G'WW'G2@FR66RFVFFf"VFrFV@vVBFfBWB&WBf&ƗGBFP66"FWBW"RvFpƗ7B6F7B&6WfR7F"VF'&FvT&F6V FVWRsC3f"&PFWF2V6Rf6BW"vV'6FR