South East Recorder Issue 14 - Page 14

Charity Awareness HEART OF KENT HOSPICE Heart of Kent Hospice is an independent charity, founded 26 years ago by local people who were determined to ensure that compassionate end of life care was available, for free, to everyone who needed it. The Hospice currently supports 532 patients living with a terminal illness and their families. Whether at home, in a residential home, or in their Aylesford based Hospice, the charity supports patients, their families and carers, not only with the physical and practical needs of living with a terminal illness, but also the psychological, spiritual and social ones too. To continue to help people with terminally illnesses live comfortably and with dignity and independence for as long as they can, the Hospice is encouraging the public to donate their old £1 coins before they cease to be legal currency from 15 October 2017. The campaign, coined Coins for Care, is asking members of the public to dig out their piggy banks and loose change jars, search their wallets and purses, and scour the backs of their sofas to help support local people with a terminal illness. Heart of Kent Hospice Chief Executive Sarah Pugh says “£4 in every £5 we spend on caring for people with terminal illnesses comes from the generosity of our local community. We depend FVWfW'&B2V62FWFW2FN( 2vvRRFRV&Ɩ2vvWB&VBFR76RBRFV"B *362&Vǒ6VB( Х7W'FW'2bFR6v6FFRFV"62VFW"F&VvRbFV B6&G62BV'BbffW"6fRG7FR"'6ǒpFVFFR76RW6f&BFR6v26&Vr7W'FVB'6W27V62G7FRVFV@fF&6V"66'W'&fVBBGf6RdvF6RFW'FVG06WFrv7BV6FW"F6VRv66V7BFR7B62B&6PFR7BWvFǒFVgB&Vf&RFR62&Rv'FW72FR76Rv6v0&V6VFǒv&FVBfW&&Frb( WG7FF~( 'FR6&RVƗG6֗7626rWfW'RFFrFVWBFFRf"&Rf&F&WB62f"6&RV6RV&ǗFT6V&Vv7FW&VB6&G#c@RW"B *3626V@FRW @*3 *360FFPW @60V'BbVB76R6F'&rFVFg&VƖvưV'@bVBF76P66GW&F6WFV&W @FVFFBFVФV'@76RS#S#V'B`bV@VB76PuRuP'6WFV&W '#F#F6WFV&W WfW' *3FFVB27VBFVB6&PV'BbVB76PV'FfVF7c#"sPwwr&