South East Recorder Issue 09 - Page 8

Education CRESSEY COLLEGE Cressey College is a centre of experience for succeeding with children who have very complex needs, with the related social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. We have deep experience of succeeding with such children, often for the first time. Our approach is nurture-based with a very high staff ratio in a therapeutic environment, which in turn enables our students to feel safe and secure in their learning environment, enabling them to build their self-esteem and confidence. Every Cressey student has their own personalised plan for their Education, Care and Health. We do of course follow the National Curriculum, but it is individually tailored to take account of each Student’s needs and talents which helps our students enjoy their learning experience. Following a period of expansion, we are seeking a number of Teaching Assistans and Teachers to join both our Primar and Secondary schools as we seek to make huge differences to our pupils. We have positions available now. The ideal candidate will be ethusiastic, passionate, reliable and will posses a strong desire to help students with complex needs and challenging behaviour succeed. Salary for Teaching Assistants start at £15K with additional pay for extra responsibilities. Salaries are based on working 39 weeks a year (term time only) staff are paid in 12 equal payments accross the year. We have five different school sites which are based in the Croydon area and are easily accessible via public transport options. If you are interested in any of these vacancies further details can be found on the main school website, including telephone numbers for an informal chat.