South East Recorder Issue 09 - Page 38

Pets PROTECT YOUR PET BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! We love our pets. They become part our family and our life and it can be incredibly distressing if they become lost. Unfortunately, thousands of animals do go missing each year and while the lucky few are reunited with their owners, it's often, sadly, the case that they're not. PUPPIES & KITTENS FOR SALE There are however, many ways in which you can protect your pet, including collars, tags and microchips. While collars and tags can become caught or removed, a microchip is a permanent form of identification and one which can increase your chances of finding your beloved companion before it's too late. Many pets can be microchipped including cats, dogs, rabbits and horses, though, as of April 2016, it is now a legal requirement that all dogs over the age of 8 weeks are microchipped and that all contact details are kept up-to-date on an online database. The law change came into effect as a means of encouraging dog and pet owners to take responsibility for their pet and their welfare. As such, those caught with an un-chipped Frv&RvfVFRg&RFfPFV֖7&6VBfW&RF6ǒvFV&W7VB *3SfR6vB2֖7&6sV6W726VBVff6VB&6W72֖7&6rffW0Fr6&vvW"Fw&b&6RVFW&VFFR6&WGvVV৖W"WBw26VFW"&FW2FR66F2VVR&&6FRB066VB'W"6F7BFWF2v6&RFV&Vv7FW&VBFFW@FVFf6FFF&6RBW6VBF6F7BR6VBW"WBv֗76rvW&6WW&BW2&VGbVR *3cRW2f66F֖7&6BvVV2g&VR7W&6R֖7&6r6&RVFW'FVBW"6fWBB6R66&FW2@&v6F2BF&Vv6R6WF&FW26RWfVffW"FR6W'f6Pg&VR"VfǒF66VFVB6FW&R&Vǒ2&V6vR6VFw@֖7&6W"WBFF&VvVrR&VG&VGFv *3C67&72&vFGFV2 *3CS&VGBVP&vF7&72RGFV2 *3CS&VGB`f"&Rf&F6F7@6ǒ#32s3"C@