South East Recorder Issue 09 - Page 33

jobs today DRIVER REQUIRED Department: Transport Location: Basingstoke Depot Reporting to: Transport Manager Reference: Hours: 48 hours – per week 5 from 7 days Grade: Grade 6 The chances are you’ll have eaten our food, so why not share our success and come and work for us? We’re a great company to work for and we have permanent opportunities for drivers to become part of the transport department in our Basingstoke depot. We’re a leading wholesale food distributor covering the whole of the UK, the preferred supplier for over 60,000 customers and our business is still growing. What does this mean for you? It means you can expect an excellent working environment, job security, fantastic development opportunities, and a great salary and benefits package. Not only this, but being a multi-drop role, it will help you keep fit as you’re often out of the cab, meeting customers, and being the face of our business to so many people. Our customers rely on you to feed their customers so the arrival of our lorry is always a welcome sight. We value all our employees and over half of our workforce have more than 5 years’ service! Our drivers say: “The best thing about working for Bidvest Foodservice is being on the road and working with a fantastic customer base!” This role will cover 5 days out of 7. This means that you will work some Saturdays, but not all. This is worked on a rota basis with our other drivers. We also have some part time roles available so if this interests you, please send in your details and we’ll be in touch to discuss available working patterns. A bit about you You’ll possess a Category C LGV Licence, a current CPC card and a Digi card. You’ll also enjoy a challenge and care about helping our customers succeed, taking pride in being the face of our company to so many people every day. What we can offer you 33 leave days per year Free parking Exclusive range of over 4,000 high street discounts A bit about the role Personal accident insurance You’ll be delivering food and non-food products to our customers in multiple locations throughout the day. The route can vary on a day-to-day basis but there will also be regular customers, meaning there’s a good mix of both variety and familiarity, which our drivers appreciate. Pension and life assurance Healthcare cash plan Training and ongoing development as well as free CPC training Want to know more? To apply, please complete an application form which can be collected at the depot, or send your CV with a covering letter to: Paul Watkins, Transport Operations Manager Bidfood, Hamilton Close Basingstoke, RG216YS. Email: Alternatively you can pop into the depot and fill out an application form. We may keep your application on file for a period of 6 months so we can contact you if another vacancy comes up. TRANSPORT COMPLIANCE AND LEGAL CO-ORDINATOR, BASINGSTOKE Department: Transport Location: Basingstoke Reporting to: Transport Shift Manager Reference: Hours: 48 hours Grade: 6 Benefit 3V632F2ƖFVF6&R666F6&RfV6W'2W'666FVB66VRVVRF66VG0FW&^( 2WfW'66R^( fRVFVW"fB6vB6&RW"7V66W72B6PBv&f"W3&FfB2VFrvW6RfBF7G&'WF"BFR&VfW'&V@7WƖW"f"fW"c7W7FW'27&72FRT&vrg&V'2F662g&Ч&W7FW&G2F6&RW2BWfW'Fr&WGvVVg&G2VBF( w&G2vWFW"W"7W7FW'2vBW7BFV7"gV&vRb6FW&r7WƖW2v^( 7WǒFV"VVG2vRv&2FVF&fFRWfW'f@Fg&VƗGw&VFVG2F6VBV26VFrV&W"bv'&B&vW02vV2FR&r'&G2B&Vv7V6FW2vR&VƖWfRW"fBBvRpFBW"VR&VBFR66VW2&R6fW''FBW"7V66W72B&FfBvR&V6v6RFBFRVƗGbW"G&7'BFV227G'VVFFW"7V66W72ॖ^( V7W&RFRFWG2&VWB2Vvǒ6ƖBfV6W2VWBFV"6W'f6RB@FFW2BG&fW'2&RVvǒ6ƖBFW&2bƖ6V6R6V62g&vVVG2G&frW'2B66FVG2ॖ^( V7W&R^V7FfRFVv&vFFRG&7'BFW'FVBB7W'BG&fW G&rBGV7F2FV7W&RG&7'BVVW2&Rv&RbFR6Ɩ6P&WV&VBbW&f&6RॖRv&RW6VVB6V6F"B767BWFFR'&^w2rvFVWr6Ɩ6RF6V&&G2WFFFRॖ^( &R&W76&Rf"G&7'BVFG26vrw&VVG&fW"W'2&VrvFFRv&rFRF&V7FfRB&fFRFǒ7FG2g&vVVB&FW2ॖ^( F66W&6fV6W2Fv7FF&BBR7W&R&VWfB&V6&G2&RFVB&FW"F6f&FVv6F2vV2FrF7VVFF&VFrFF6w&2BG&fW"W'2F&R7V66W76gVF2&R^( fRfW'7G&r6Ɩ6RWW&V6RBvBWfVb6V6FFVW"2W76VFf"F2&RvFFR&ƗGF'VB7G&p&VF62vFFW"FW'FVG2F7V66VVBF2&RB2FW6&&RFBRv&RFW"bFR52Vƞ6F@W76VFFBRfRWW&V6Rf7BfrfBF7G&'WFVf&VBRv6fRvB6WFW"ƗFW&762B&R&W&R&FW"FVWBFRVVG2bFP'W6W72bF22RvRf'v&BFV&rg&RvBFr&SFǒV6R6WFRƖ6Ff&v66&R6V7FVBBFRFWB"6VBW"5bvF6fW&rWGFW"FVvF2G&7'BW&F2vW"&FfB֖F66R&6w7FR$s#e2VâVvF4&FfB6V66rFFS3Rp