South East Recorder Issue 09 - Page 28

jobs today WHAT ARE POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS LOOKING FOR IN EMPLOYEES? include, using equipment, having theoretical knowledge/degree subject experience or know-how. What employers want is likely to be determined by business/organisational needs. Taking the example of communication skills further, a firm of lawyers will be seeking good general communication skills in all staff, sophisticated oracy and advocacy skills among those training to be barristers, and strong interviewing skills among solicitors. Therefore, even generic skills (abilities, behaviours and knowledge) are all context-specific, so it's important to think carefully about the specific workplace that these skills will be needed. How you demonstrate your abilities is again dependent on the workplace setting and the type of job. For example, the term 'creativity' means something very different in an advertising agency than it does in a transport business. One employer's understanding of 'using initiative' might be considered 'risk taking' by another. For example, in organisations where following procedures systematically is important (such as in healthcare) opportunities to use initiative will be more limited than in organisations that depend upon new ideas and taking a chance that something might work, such as the entertainment industry. Brushing up your knowledge of desirable skills and being able to demonstrate them at interview can increase your chances of success when applying for jobs. There has been a lot of research about what employers are looking for in potential employees and typically it results in lists of skills, abilities and work behaviours like teamwork; problem solving; communication; time management; IT skills; numeracy; customer awareness. These skills and abilities are 'generic', which means they are likely to be necessary in most types of employment. The way in which generic skills are demonstrated depends on the requirements of the particular job - so for example, while lots of jobs need communication skills, jobs involving selling, teaching, explaining or advocating are likely to need communication skills at a higher level than most. Where skills and abilities are essential in order to fulfil the requirements of the job, they are called 'specific' skills or abilities. Specific skills might GROUNDWORKERS REQUIRED For housing sites in Surrey, Berkshire, Hamps &RB7W'&VFw0U5BdR54524$@FVâss#c eTDP%D5TE$4DvVB7VBVFW67F2W'6FVFf&W2G2BG&VRvFW"W'6W'&6VBfW"VF6R'F7VGW&WW&V6P&VfW'&VBBW7B&R&RFv&vVFW"6FF2Fg&FUХW'62v6rFǒ66F7@BFRfvrvFGF6VB5`GDƗfw&26V 66GDƗfw&26V"6W2R3SBDU5@$UT$T@d"%U5@5DDdTDФeTDRU%2@4%TtD$PDUTDBUU$T4P4D5B$㠣##S0s3cBsSp$U$U"tDT@Fv&f"G66r6FV67G'V7Bv&FV0FW6vVB'VFv&Bvrv&FVFW6vW'2G&fpƖ6V6R&WV&VBVFFR7F'BbFW&W7FVBR%UU%Bsscc###t$DTU"$UT$T@FFVbv&FVW'2FR6&RvrbwVFf&BF6''WB7V7G2bv&FVFV6P6'g& *3t( "WW&V6R&VfW'&VB'WBBW76VF4D5Bsscc###'WW'D6vF&fVVG26