South East Recorder Issue 09 - Page 23

STAYCATIONS Welcome to WEST RIDGE HOLIDAY BUNGALOW WE’RE BASED IN BEAUTIFUL EAST DEVON NEAR SEATON. GET MORE INFORMATION AND FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE A BOOKING ONLINE AT Robbie’s Barn Robbie’s Barn offers two-bedroom self-catering holiday accomodation in Fulready, South Warwickshire within easy reach of Stratford-upon-Avon and the Cotswolds. It is a recently renovated, single storey, stone and timber barn, sleeping four, offering guests a taste of eco-living with solar panels and ground source, underfloor heating. The cosy yet spacious living room has a wood burner and double doors leading out on to a patio area with table and chairs. There is a well-equipped kitchen diner including dishwasher, washing machine and microwave. The bathroom has a full-sized bath with shower over. It’s pet friendly too; well-behaved pets are welcome! 01789 741930 | 07772 501685 | BLUE RIBAND HOLIDAYS Unbeatable personal service from a family run business. Parklands Holiday Village, our premier park. 2 & 3 bedroom detached bungalows in four acres in Hemsby village centre, open all year. • Picnic area • Weekly BBQ (in season) • Mini Golf Unplug, relax and unwind at Mena Farm, where you can go wild camping and looking for deer, rabbits and badgers. We’re family and pet-friendly, and under new ownership. We offer 15 acres of camping fields vFG2BG22vV2&vRb6Vb6FW&pBvr66FF6VG&ǒ6FVBFRV'Bb6&vV2BFP֖BBbFR6G2vB66RFFR6VG&B&F֖"ffW&rw&VB76RBvƶrG&2BvR&RW7B#֖WFW2F&F'FB6WF67G2#3CPd"dUp6FFW''66V2'W&6Ff6ƗFW2&2आGf"vb'6R&Fr`vFW"7'G2g& *3#Rwwr&&&W6&&6V( "6G&V( 2&V( "VG&WGFP( "F&RFV04D5BU2#r##3Td$4rB4$d$dUB4$t3Tp( "֖GW&R&v( "g&VRvf( "&6WF&6VFVƖF&&V6&BV6'( "gVǒFWF6VB6WG2( "&g&BbW"ƖFP&VR&RƖF&&V6&BV6'( ""b2&VG&6WG2( "6V"&VRvFVFW'FV@&F6VFVb&VR&R&R6GVFVB66RF&V662BGG&7F2WG2vV6R( "6'B'&V2( "FV&B7&VFB6&G266WFVB( "g&VRƖV&G2'F&BV6'w&VB&WF##DCC2s3CCRs3#C2swwr&VW&&FƖF26VswwrV6'6WG26Vswwr&G6V6'6VFVòdR##RS#C4TDT$TR$P4U@$E04Tb4DU$