South East Recorder Issue 09 - Page 17

The Editor’s Choice Thatcham Army Surplus We are always excited to discover innovative and exciting businesses and are more than happy to promote and recommend them where recommendations are due. When it comes to business, there really is something for everyone and everything. However, despite there being numerous competing businesses offering the same or similar services, as a customer, there are several ‘musts’ that we personally find make the difference between a good company and a great company. Some of these ‘musts’ include a high quality product or service and a committed customer service from professional and friendly staff. When it comes to our Editor’s Choice feature, our Editor selects existing advertising businesses, artists and traders for excellence within their specific field. Entirely the personal choice of the Editor, each ‘Editor’s Choice’ is then interviewed and received an in-depth written feature on their company and services, which we are more than happy to recommend to our trusted readers. Our aim is to not only promote excellent businesses from a wide variety of sectors, but to highlight and give credit where due to those that we feel, really excel. Thatcham Army Surplus stock and supply a wide range of outdoor clothing and supplies, whether you are an outside person by trade or choice. vFFV"GF( ĖbvRfVwBv@vBRvBvRvFW"WfV&W7@FvWBBf"^( R&RwV&FVVBP7W7FW"6F6f7F&fFrWFFV@BFffW&VB&GV7G2FVWBFRFVG0bFV"FffW&VB6ƖVG2r&6RFF6Ф&ג7W'W26FVRFG&GV6RWr@W6Fr7V7G2b֖ƗF'BWFF"vV B66W76&W2B6WFFfR&6W2FWr&fFRVFVFr6W'f6Rf &FvV"BF7f"F6RvF֖ƗF'FW&W7BRvfBf&WG`&GV7G26VFr76VBfW7G2vV&&p6WG2B67V&W3G&&G2''&G27V62E2BF&W&r@V6&Rf"FR֖ƗF&6V7F'2vB'&w6RF&VvFV"6VV7F`&WG26&FvW2BVF367F6rFV2f"vW'26VFp6VfvR6WGFW2FVG26VWr&w0B&f&w2R&RƗFW&ǒ7Bf"66Rf"gW'FW"f&FFRgV&vPf&RV6Rf6BFRvV'6FPwwrFF6&ח7W'W26VFW&FfVǒV6R6c3RcSr VfFF6&ח7W'W26VFF6Ф&ג7W'W0E244Dp5U%ddTD0vW&Rv&G2b֖ƗF'7W'W2WrBFRWFF'0B֖ƗF&6RFvWFW"FF6&ג7W'W23Bv7G&VWBFF6&W&2$s4@FVâc3RcSrVâfFF6&ח7W'W26V