South East Recorder Issue 09 - Page 10

Education Educating Young Girls for Almost a Century St. Joseph’s Convent School in Wanstead St. Joseph’s Convent School is an Independent Catholic School for Girls 3-11 years within the leafy suburb of Wanstead • Providing a secure, caring and happy environment • Developing the whole child • Excellent results at 11+ • Nursery school from 3 years • Extended School Club - 8.00am - 5:30pm. • Specialist teaching in Computing, PE, Music and Spanish • ISI Registered A highly successful nursery and primary school, which offers an academic, cultural and religious education. Education. Offering a full, diverse and exciting curriculum for girls ages from 3-11 years. With access to outstanding I.T. facilities, tuition for a wide range of musical instruments, Spanish, Outdoor adventures and a core development of creative expression through application and interpretation. Our pupils benefit from a caring, supportive and friendly environment, where ambitions and dreams are encourages. Each pupil is inspired to reach their full potential. Excellent Standards are achieved. Pupils are offered places at independent and senior schools of their choice. A significant percentage of pupils are offered scholarships. Religion and Lifestyle. As our school is Catholic, in foundation, we are dedicated to the faith development of our pupils. As part of a worldwide community, we also ensure respect and understanding of other faiths and cultures. In addition, pupils are taught the importance of charity and ongoing, personal development. Confide 6RB66WG2&W7VBb6FV֖27V66W72wVF6Rg&7&FFV6W'2FRW2&P6fFVB&W7V7FgVbFW"Bv&RbFV"v6PvF66WG66f&F7B7V( 26fVB66f"v&2ffW'2WG7FFpVGV6FB66WW&V6RvF6VG&R`6FV֖2W6VV6R6VRW"vV'6FRf"&V7GW2@&Rf&F&WBFR66Чwwr7F6W66fVG666V( ĖV66&R&VfW"Bv7FF&G2BFW2( ФFWVFVB6626V7F&FPS6'&FvR&v7FVS%"#CsVGFV6W"22vfW"$2t52TD2$RTBD$TtUBDRT