Sooner State Abate Sentinel The Voice of the Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs Motorcycle Rights Organization Volume 4 Issue 1 OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN A Sooner State ABATE Wedding The place was decorated with jewels. Gold and silver artifacts from around the world were everywhere. The tables were adorned with gold bars and adorned skulls. The glow from candles dripping down black wine bottles shone from every corner. A wedding like no other is about to take place at the Route 66 Interpretative Center in Chandler, Ok. It has been transformed into a ball- room fit for two pirate captains to come together There was a rumble in the distance. As it gets closer, the building begins to shake. Sparrow smiles slightly as she hears the multitude of machines approaching. The bikes roll in and she knows. Her groom has arrived. The stage is set. Smiles form on the faces of the waiting crowd as Bear by McCreary, the theme song to Black sails, begins to play. Not your ordi- nary wedding march. Not for this couple. After all, this will be no ordinary wedding. Sooner State ABATE members lead the groom, Jay “GHOST” Pollard, to the altar. Monte “STICK” Keiner from The FACILITATORS: Camp Ironhorse is the unorthodox minister in top hat and pirate tails. The groomsmen, Sooner State ABATE Paul “GQ” Pollard, Downed Bikers Association Walt Enright, Freedom Riders Jerry “MANIAC” Melton, take their place. The bridesmaids, Dawn Sprowl, Amanda Graves, and Breauna Bookout, look radiant from their place on the stage. The wedding party takes their positions. The music builds, and the crowd rises. The beautiful bride to be, Sooner State ABATE Melissa “SPARROW” Bookout, enters the room. Escorted by her father, Sooner State ABATE Ray “MILK MAN” Wilson, she ascends to the altar and her waiting love. With the bride’s teal blue mohawk and the groom’s silver spur, with pirate flare and comic undertones, the couple exchanged their vows. From laughter to tear and the rumble of motorcycle pipes, this is one wedding friends and family will remember for years. GHOST and SPARROW would like to thank everyone that came out to help make their wedding a memorable occasion. All of those that rode Route 66 in with GHOST; the ones that helped with setup and take down; the family and friends that traveled in from so far away; each and everyone of you made this an unbelievable success! Thank you to you all! Jay “GHOST” Pollard (President) and Melissa “SPAR- ROW” Pollard (Secretary) are members of Sooner State ABATE’s Sinners & Saints Outpost located in Yukon, OK. They volunteer with The FACILITATORS: Camp Ironhorse and are members of Downed Bikers Association, Oklaho- ma City Chapter.