SOONER STATE ABATE SENTINEL Sooner State Abate Vol 5 Issue 1

Sooner State Abate Sentinel Volume 5 Issue 1 The Importance of Brotherhood The Voice of the Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs Motorcycle Rights Organization and Diane Pastorius went above and beyond. They showed my wife and I that our ABATE A.B.A.T.E. — A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments brotherhood reaches well beyond state lines. ABATE of Wisconsin members Clint and Diane We all know that Motorcycle Rights I, not knowing what was going on, figured Pastorius of Waupun, WI are outstanding Organizations, or M.R.O.’s, are vital to she had a luggage strap come loose and was examples of what brotherhood is all about. preserving freedom in the motorcycling pulling over to check on it. I pulled over to the We will be eternally grateful for the kindness community. Without an MRO fighting for shoulder ahead of her giving her plenty of shown and hope that more people follow their freedoms in your state, lawmakers are free room. Imagine my surprise when I looked in example. to impose anything from helmet laws to taxes my mirror and did not see a headlight! Looking With their help and the quick unscheduled and fees so high that purchasing a motorcycle over my shoulder all I see is the LED lights would be too expensive for the general public we put on the bottom of the bike shining in the service at Open Road Harley Davidson in to afford. otherwise darkness! I spin my bike around and Fond Du Lac Wisconsin, we were able to head straight back towards her. As I pull up to catch the ferry across Lake Michigan early the A.B.A.T.E. stands against these totalitarian next afternoon and continue our vacation. her bike I see her standing there waiting on enactments, it’s right there in the name. So, the next time you see a bike on the side of me. (I’m shaking thinking I just lost her! ) However, the other part of that name is just the road, stop and check on that rider. Even if as important. A BROTHERHOOD! Most At that same moment a woman pulled over you think they have everything under control, it states have an ABATE and some states have next to us and asked if we were ok. She will show that there is someone out there that several. All play a vital role. However, we must noticed our Sooner State ABATE cuts and cares enough to keep the brotherhood alive. lookout for each other as well. We are all part pulled her car over to the shoulder and got of that brotherhood. out. She introduced herself as Diane and told Love, Honor and Respect, us that she and her husband were ABATE of This past July my wife and I experienced Wisconsin members and she was not leaving Sooner State ABATE, exemplary brotherhood in two ABATE Ghost us alone on the shoulder of a highway. She of Wisconsin members, Clint and Diane Sinners & Saints Outpost called her husband Clint, who after working Pastorius. Our day started in Murdo, South President Dakota on two well maintained machines. We a 17-hour shift, got in his truck, fought with horses to hook up a trailer in the dark and Yukon, OK headed out to run a bit over 700 miles to catch headed our way. a ferry in Wisconsin by 1:30 a.m. the next morning to cross Lake Michigan. My wife and I righted the bike and the four of us loaded and strapped the bike down on the Everything was going as planned until about trailer. Clint and Diane then took Sparrows 10:30 p.m. with around 50 miles to go. Sparrow felt a wobble coming from the rear of bike to a Harley Davidson dealer nearby and helped us unload the bike and gear. Once the her Road King. The bike started to shudder, bike was locked down for the evening Diane and she knew a tire had going down. She had us load up the gear in her car and drove headed for the shoulder where she was able Sparrow to a nearby hotel as I followed on my to get it almost to a complete stop before hitting gravel and laying it down. She was able bike. to step off without a scratch on neither the bike In a time when people do not stop for bikers nor herself. on the side of the road, patches or not, Clint