SONDER Fall 2017 - Page 4

Spotlight: Lexi McCracken

4. Favorite social media?

• You can follow me on Instagram: @theseashelldiaries and @hairbylexidawn

1. What do you do at Sonder?

• Creative Director, which means I’m Charles’ second-in-command. I offer input, and run photoshoots. I also model and help in any other area necessary.

2. What would you say your style is? (home décor and fashion)

• Home Decor: Chic, preferably with pops of color like teal and pink and red, but my ideal home would be cheesy beach décor including seahorses and everything.

• Fashion: I love chic and sophisticated, with trousers, turtlenecks, etc., but I also love hipster artsy clothes too. Oh, and ALL the shoes.

3. Current favorite fashion trend?

• I am loving that red/orange color for fall. Nice blazers, ripped jeans, and stilettos.

Lexi is new to Sonder, and she has brought a new energy to the magazine, which I'm hoping you'll see in this issue. She puts in countless time right along with me from brainstorming, to editing photos, to future ideas. Make sure you follow her for more behind the scenes and other updates about Sonder.