SONDER Fall 2017 - Page 3

Current Inspirations

Currently I'm inspired by a lot of woodsy greens (which goes great for fall and one of our highlighted colors—shaded spruce). Look at the jacket I'm wearing to the left.

I always enjoy candles, but right now I’m loving this particular candle I got that is scented like Egyptian cotton. It is so crisp and clean. Some of my other scents are citrus and coastal scents. One favorite now is called island party! Another is called citrus cilantro. I love them year round for the fresh and clean smell they produce, especially anything ocean scented.

Typically I’m a silver person, I think it just fits my aesthetic more, but in my home lately I have been loving gold.

I’m obsessed with luxury, but also with comfort, so currently I have been loving my linen duvet cover. I got mine at Target. It’s a light gray, and I got it on sale!

I recently bought this Nate Berkus lamp from target and it adds a nice touch to my living room.

Charles Snellings