SONDER Fall 2017 - Page 11

Tawny Port is the perfect color to use for a more dressed up occasion. It’s a perfect color to wear to weddings and dances because it looks beautiful, striking, and elegant on all types of skin tones. The color is subdued but also makes its own statement by creating a rich and luxurious aesthetic. Bring in pieces with a high neck, velvet, or your favorite silhouette for a dress. Tawny Port is absolutely “the new black”. It is slimming and flattering, but at the same time richly unique.

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of wearing the same things to work. Nothing is worse than looking around and seeing all of your co-workers in neutrals on a Monday. Don't be afraid to bring some life into your office! There are some really cool ways to bring bold colors into work. Grenadine is the perfect color to make a bold statement anywhere this season. I suggest getting some dress pants in this color or wearing a bold blouse. Trust me, your co-workers will thank you for the change in scenery. Grenadine is definitely intimidating at first and you might feel that it is “not your color.” Trust me when I say, it can be! Even if it is simply looking for some accessories in this color or painting it onto your nails. Everyone can rock this color to work.

Shaded spruce is a great color for guys this season, it’s a dark green that could probably be confused with hunter green to be honest. It’s dark and it’s woodsy. It’s a nice mixture of masculine while still fashionable and current. Guys, you could pick up a jacket in this color or a long sleeve t shirt! Both can either be taken off or layered for affect. Shaded spruce is a great color that is pretty casual, whether running around on a Saturday afternoon, or headed to church. Pair it under a denim jacket.

Of course, fashion is all about “keeping up with trends” but more importantly it’s about incorporating trends into what works with your personal style. Experimentation is fashion’s best friend! Play around with color and get out of your box. Lastly, don’t limit yourself to only the core colors that work for you. Some colors will look better, but you can incorporate any color into your wardrobe as long as you play around and find what works and where.

Color isn’t something to shy away from, but you can still use neutrals and basics. In fact we encourage that! However, hopefully you feel excited about colors and we hope you introduce some of these colors into your wardrobe! We already are and I love it. Let us know what you do to incorporate colors in your everyday style and use #SonderMag so we can see!