SONDER Fall 2017 - Page 10

Gentlemen's Threads

& Ladies' Looks

: a collaboration

Charles Snellings & Melissa DiFazio

I am so lucky to get to work with some great people at Sonder! When we were planning this fall issue and were considering what the fall fashion articles would be, we decided to do something a bit different and collaborate. Melissa typically writes Ladies’ Looks, and I typically write Gentlemen’s Threads. This collaboration has been a long time coming, wouldn’t you agree? We decided a collaboration would be ideal, and with the topic of Colors! Color is everywhere and everything. So buckle up and let Melissa and I guide you along.

Men’s wear often shys away from anything that isn’t neutral. Maybe it will get wild with a gingham print, or bright tie. However, this season is filled with colors! Think about fall, one of the best things you love is the changing leaves. The leaves go from green to a slew of reds, oranges, and yellows. Most guys won’t know about Pantone, unless you are in graphic design, but Pantone doesn’t just hold every color in every name, they also release a fashion color forecast.

The word “color” can be intimidating and straight up unappealing to a lot of people. After all, everything from a bloggers Instagram to trendy coffee shops seems to be stark white with a tiny bit of green/wood/or black. Fashion gurus’ get by with denim and monochromatic neutrals all the time and it engraves in our minds that color is too outrageous. This mantra could not be more wrong - especially now. The fashion world is BOOMING with color, and experimental ones at that!

Ballet Slipper, Tawny Port, and Grenadine are all current Pantone colors that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Ballet slipper is the color for fall. When it comes to this color, invest in some good transition pieces because it’s coming back with a vengeance in the spring. I would recommend some short sleeve tunics, jackets, or t-shirts. It shouldn’t be difficult to find because like I said, this color is huge. This color is feminine when paired with lace, but edgy when paired with cargo. A bomber is a fun way to contrast the feminine color but keep the style fun, upbeat, and edgy.

Guys can also incorporate Ballet Slipper. I recently found a steal in a Ballet Slipper colored denim jacket. I’ve paired butterum joggers and a navy peony patterned button down with my ballet slipper denim jacket. You could wear monochromatic pieces, but guys shouldn’t shy away from this color just because of its name. Try it on, find a good fit, and if all else fails blame the color on your significant other!